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Taken somewhere in India on the 1st or 2nd Indiaman

1. Taken somewhere in India on the 1st or 2nd Indiaman

The First Indiaman

The first passenger-carrying overland journey to India left London around Eastertime in 1957, bound for Calcutta. More on this historic trip will be included as information comes to hand. If you were a traveler on it, or if you know something about it, I would really like to hear from you. See the yellow strip at the bottom of the page.

The Second Indiaman

It has now been confirmed by Peter Moss, a passenger on the second Indiaman tour, that picture 3 below (captioned 'Paddy and passengers of the 2nd Indiaman') was taken at Quetta, Pakistan on October 5, 1957. He remembers that they  departed from Victoria coach station on 31st August 1957, the day Independence was granted to Malaya (and which was to be his final destination).

Peter, who can be seen second from the right in a  crouching position, wrote saying he well recalls the picture being taken because he had to adopt that 'unusual pose' when he discovered, just prior to the photograph, that the zip to his shorts had become "irremediably jammed in an extremely inconvenient position"!

Digging out in eastern Turkey

2. Digging out in eastern Turkey

"We had reached Quetta via Iran's border with Baluchistan", wrote Peter. "The previous night, as we lay on our punctured lilo sleeping beds on the stony desert floor, we had watched a tiny speck moving through the starry skies and wondered what it was. Only when we heard the news in Quetta did we discover it was the maiden flight of man's first vehicle in space, the tiny Russian Sputnik."

Picture 2 is a photograph from the same journey and was recently sent to me by Peter. This one was taken somewhere in eastern Turkey, in the course of a detour they were forced to take after a devastating flood had briefly trapped them in Ankara, where it killed scores of people and washed out their original intended route.

Paddy is digging (in profile) second from the right. As the picture shows, this route did not prove much better than the one they had decided to avoid!

Paddy and passengers of the 2nd Indiaman

3. Paddy and passengers of the 2nd Indiaman

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